Health & Social Care


Information for families, health professionals and care providers

Please note that our wardens hours of duty are between 8am – 12.30pm Monday to Friday.

Our residents live independently in their own homes. 

The NHS and Social Services must be aware that guests are not permitted to stay overnight. This also applies to family members.  A guest room is available for this on request.

  • Night Sitting

Overnight guests are not allowed within the almshouses.  Exceptions are made for residents who require professional care and support in such cases as hospital discharge, receiving end-of-life care or during an acute phase of illness where a GP recommends a night-sitter.  The overnight sitter can be a professional carer or family member/friend.

  • Hospital Discharge

A resident returning home outside the warden’s duty hours may not have anyone to receive them or to support them.  If required, it will be necessary to ensure support is in place before discharge. Please also see note above for night sitting.

  • Our wardens

Our wardens are there to provide safe and secure housing to residents. They are a point of contact for families, health professionals and carers during their working hours.

  • Care Quality Commission

We are not registered with the CQC as we do not provide any care services.

  • End of Life

Residents requiring full time or nearly full-time nursing care must be fully supported and cared for 24-hours a day by qualified health professionals, however, our wardens cannot provide any personal or nursing care. 

  • Medication

Wardens are unable to give or supervise the administration of any medication.  If there is any doubt about the resident’s cognitive function, professional support must be provided at all times when medication is taken.

  • Risk of Falls

Wardens are not qualified or trained to pick up residents who have fallen.  If the warden is aware of a fall, then an ambulance will be called.  Each flat is installed with a response alarm system and residents are also provided with an alarm which can be worn on their person so they are able to call for help.

Our office hours are 8.30am – 4.00pm Monday – Friday.

Please ring us if you have any questions 01884 251444