Application & Eligibility

Who can apply?

• Applicants must be over 60 years of age.

• You must live in Tiverton or the surrounding area (preferably for at least two years). Only in exceptional circumstances may we be able to offer accommodation to applicants who do not live in or around Tiverton but applicants must still have a family connection in the area.

• You must be in need of our accommodation. “Need” is usually financial but sometimes may also apply to other circumstances. This could mean specifically for people experiencing housing or social needs, who would benefit from the support of a friendly warden living on-site and an emergency call system when wardens are not on duty that is manned 24 hours a day.

• Applicants must be capable of living independently with the assistance of family and carers if necessary.

How to apply:

Application forms for those who fulfil the above criteria can be downloaded from this website (see the relevant link below). For data security reasons, completed forms should be posted back to us, they cannot be filled in online.  If there is any doubt about our criteria please do not hesitate to contact us or pop in to the office.

Application forms must be completed by all applicants prior to consideration by the Trust. This will include requests for financial information, current housing situation and security of tenure. Information is also needed regarding applicants health and the Trust will seek references related to the application and the applicants.

All applicants meeting the criteria will be invited to a meeting with the management team and wherever possible, two members of the pastoral sub committee to discuss their application. Where time is of the essence to help an applicant in crisis, the meeting can take place with the Chief Executive and House Manager. These decisions will be discussed by the Pastoral Sub Committee.

Allocating an almshouse:

We receive many applications, especially for ground-floor flats.  Often we do not have any vacancies but when we do we are obliged to house people in greatest need first.  This means that some people will have a longer wait than others and that new applicants may sometimes be housed sooner than existing applicants.

Once a vacancy does occur we consider those applicants in greatest need and their suitability, for the accommodation available. The management team will select the applicant in greatest need and invite them to view the property. If suitability for that property is established following the viewing, an offer can be made.  It is then for the applicant to decide whether they wish to accept.

All offers are confirmed in writing and a Letter of Appointment is sent detailing the moving in date, the Weekly Maintenance Contribution and the Utility Costs.  The Letter of Appointment forms the basis of the terms of occupation between the resident and the Trust including house rules and further information.  It is important to note that residents are beneficiaries of the Trust and do not hold any legal interest in their accommodation.

Application forms

Application forms can be sent via post or electrically on request, please call 01884 251444 or email if you would like one sent. Alternatively, you can visit our office to pick up a copy.