Frequently Asked Questions

What accommodation is provided? 

There is a mixture of 1 bedroom properties and studio flats and a limited number of 2 bedroom accommodation.  The properties are fully decorated and are fitted with appropriate floorcoverings. All our homes are unfurnished, no electrical appliances are provided. Cookers must be electrical and of a standard size.  

How much does it cost to live in your properties? 

All our charges are at, or below, housing benefit level.  You will pay a weekly maintenance contribution and a weekly utility contribution.  The weekly maintenance contribution is currently between £90 and £120 per week, depending on the size of the flat. All contributions are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors and residents are informed of any changes during February of each year for implementation in April of the same year. 

What is the utility contribution? 

On top of the maintenance contribution, there is currently a weekly charge of £24.00 for a single person and £30.00 for a couple. This contribution covers the supply of hot water, central heating, water and sewerage rates for each property.  All contributions are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors and residents are informed of any changes during February of each year for implementation in April of the same year. 

What else do I need to pay? 

Your council tax (Band A, but some people will qualify for a reduced rate).  You will also need to pay for your electricity and any extras such as your satellite TV, internet etc.  

Am I allowed to have a care package? 

Yes. Generally, we ask that new residents join us before they require a care package but we recognise as time moves on, many residents need a little extra help.  We will do our best to help to accommodate your needs, subject to our approved policies, but we are mindful that our historic accommodation can sometimes limit our intentions and our Resident Wardens do not provide personal care. 

Can the Resident Warden help me with my medication? 

Our wardens are neither trained nor qualified to administer medication of any kind to residents. 

Who can I talk to if I am not happy about something? 

In the first instance, it is best to speak with your Resident Warden.  Alternatively, please contact our House Manager, Lisa Brooks, in the office on 01884 251444. Lisa is always happy to be contacted along with Doreen Woodward the Chief Executive on 07947 487090 or Andy Parkins the Deputy Chief Executive and Property Manager who can be reached on 07947 487079.  The full complaints procedure can be viewed here

When something needs repairing please ask the Resident Warden when she is next on duty.  If it is an emergency, please use the emergency call system.  The Resident Warden may ask Gavin to fix it otherwise it will be referred to our sub-contractors to mend it.  Please do not approach Gavin directly, instead report repairs to the Resident Warden.  Full details on access to your flat are detailed in the handbook.  

Who will carry out any necessary repairs in my flat? 

Gavin carries out routine repairs and maintenance on behalf of the Trust however we engage local contractors for larger projects and specialised works. These contractors are local, trusted and are known to the Trust staff. You will always be informed in advance of contractors entering your flat; unless it is an emergency.

Can I move to another property once I’ve moved in? 

Any move must be supported by medical evidence and will be on the same site.  The usual circumstance is the need to move downstairs for mobility, respiratory or visual reasons.  Other reasons may apply.  Please discuss with the Resident Warden in the first instance.  

Can I go away regularly? 

This is a difficult subject.  Your accommodation is your prime residence and is allocated on the basis of need.  If you stay away regularly for a number of nights each time, this may indicate that you no longer need our accommodation.  The Charity Commission requires residents staying away for more than 28 days per person in any one year to obtain permission from the Trust.  Annual holidays and periodic visits to family or friends are encouraged. If you are in doubt please talk to the Resident Warden.  

Do you have free Wi-Fi on satellite on-site? 

No. We have the cables for satellite TV but the contract is for you to pay for. We do not have a free Wi-Fi service.  

Do I need my own TV licence? 

No. All residents will be named on the Trust concessionary TV Licence. This is a licence the Trust uses to ensure free access for over 75’s and the Trust pays a fee for those under the age of 75.  

What about parking? 

There is no on-site parking provision at any of our sites.  Some public parking may be available near our sites but this is unrelated to the Trust and residents are responsible for the payment of these services.

Can I bring a pet? 

Unfortunately, pets are not permitted in our properties.  

Can I do some gardening? 

This is a possibility and encouraged although you need to double-check with the Resident Warden which area is available and you need to be sure you can maintain the area regularly. 

Is there a no-smoking policy? 

Newly appointed residents are not permitted to smoke in their properties. Smoking is not allowed in the indoor communal areas on site. The Trust requests that residents who took up their accommodation before the changes related to smoking and the offer of accommodation do not smoke in bed and that used cigarettes be safely disposed of in metal containers.  The Trust respectfully requests that smokers refrain from smoking when staff or visitors are present and to ensure the flat is well ventilated at all times.

Can guests stay in my flat overnight? 

No. All guests are invited to stay in the guest room (a twin-bedded en-suite room on each site) for £20 a night.  Bookings can be made through the office on 01884 251444.  The only exception is for a night-sitter, further details are available from the Warden or House Manager.