As a Trust dedicated to our residents, we asked them what it meant to be residents with the Tiverton Almshouse Trust and the responses blew us away.

“What a privilege it is to live in the Tiverton Almshouses. Such beautiful grounds and gardens to sit in where you can talk to the other residents or sit quietly by the river and watch the wild life. If you have any problems, there is always someone on hand to sort it out. Friendly and helpful staff make each day special and they arrange daily activities for the residents entertainment. It is a real joy to live here and I feel extremely blessed.” Anon.

“I am so grateful to have found such an amazing home at this stage of my life. My thanks to all the Trust members for their commitment and hard work to make JGC the ideal place to live for us all.” Miss C.

“I have lived happily at Greenway Gardens since 2004. I enjoy being completely independent whilst having the reassurance of knowing that someone is always at hand if an emergency should occur. I also appreciate that community activities are arranged for those of us who wish to take part, encouraging opportunities for friendships to be formed. I should like to acknowledge the efforts made during the pandemic , both to keep us safe and as far as possible to allow us to function as a community.” Mrs G.

“I moved into Tiverton Almshouses in March 2020 and haven’t looked back since. I have been made very welcome by everybody it’s like a big ‘family’ everyone is so friendly. I can’t thank the Almshouses enough for all their help.” Miss R.

“I’ve only been here a few months but already feel at home. Have made some lovely friends and acquaintances from the neighbours. I feel very safe and secure and settled here. The wardens and other staff are very kind and helpful. Surrounded by beautiful gardens too.” Mrs K.

“The people on the panel on the day of my interview with the Trust were so kind and understanding, I was at my wits end not knowing which way to turn and when they accepted me and I came and viewed what would be my new home, I just couldn’t believe it. Always grateful, love my home. Thank you.” Anon