COVID Information

The Trust continues to do all it can to keep residents and staff safe. It has throughout the pandemic complied with all Public Health and UK Government guidelines.

We strive to keep residents updated either through Newsletters, via the Wardens and use of extensive signage throughout our sites. Individual communication using letters has also been deployed as a means of communicating the right message at the right time.

Some of our countermeasures include:

All staff undertake daily Lateral Flow Tests.

All staff and contractors when entering a dwelling will wear a face covering and sanitise their hands in-between visits. These visits have been restricted to essential and statutory repairs and maintenance only during lockdown periods.

We provide sanitising stations throughout our sites, particularly where handwashing isn’t available or appropriate.

Additional cleaning is undertaken daily with particular attention paid to touchpoints.

We encourage remote working where possible, staff facilitate daily contact through the Warden Call System.

Our staff always maintain social distancing and actively encourage our residents to do the same.

Our Office has been closed to visitors when the local situation has deemed it necessary.